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CD-R & DVD-R media, a relatively new technology has become a worldwide recording standard in a relatively small amount of time. The maturation of a market usually turns an item into a commodity but rarely so quickly as we have seen in CD-R and its derivatives. To offer the best value for its money to the customers, we have come out with our very own "Grafica" CDR.

"Grafica" CDR Media is recognized for its best quality and highest reliability in the recordable media industry. "Grafica" storage Media are sought after due to its recording accuracy and superior durability in a wide variety of data and audio applications. Our DVD R products offer the same consistent quality and are perfect choice for Data storage and video applications. All storage Media are imported from some of the most established manufacturers from Taiwan.

“Grafica” CDR Specification   “Grafica” DVD-R Specification
  • 52X Recording Speed
  • Tops are Printed / silver
  • Bottoms are light blue
  • 80 minutes in length
  • 700MB Storage space
  • Packaged in 100 per cake box.
  • 4X Multispeed Recording
  • 120 minutes in length
  • 4.7GB Storage space
  • Packaged in 25 per cake box.